Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume
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Elvira Costume

What you'll need:
Blackest Black Mascara
False Eyelashes
Black Eyeliner Pencil
White Eyeliner Pencil
Wine Colored Eye Shadow or Pencil
Pale Lavender Eye Shadow or Pencil
Pale Porcelain Face Color
Deep Rose Blush
Deep Red Lipstick
Matching Lip Liner Pencil
Midnight Black Nail Polish & False Nails

As a licensed make-up artist, I've put some thought into how to do this make-up the easiest way possible. There has always been a debate when applying make-up, should the foundation go on first? Some say yes, it makes putting the whole face together much easier. Some say no, if you are using loose powder eye shadow, you risk smearing the colors together.

With this make-up, I'm going to start with the foundation as everything else seems to build from it. If you happen to make a mistake somewhere along the line, I'll add suggestions on how to fix them.

You'll need a pale foundation, preferably a cream-powder foundation as opposed to liquid. This will give you better coverage and wear longer. You can check out the cosmetic section of your local drug store or retailer, or find a theatrical supply or costume shop for a pale colored grease paint. You don't want white, that's too pale. Elvira is pale with porcelain skin, not dead. Use a foam wedge to apply foundation.

Next, work on the eyes. Apply a set of extra long, thick false eye lashes first. Choose a pale lavender color and cover from lash line to eye brows. You'll see in the picture above that it's pale shade of light purple. Next, use a thick black shadow / liner pencil in black and start at the inside corner of the eye, covering the lid and expanding out at the outer corner, so you have the lid covered and some of the above area to the eye socket bone.

Extend the liner to the inner corner of the eye to below the tear duct, as seen above. Line the lower eye in similar fashion. Use the wine colored eye shadow on the inner corners of the eye and below the liner on the lower lids. Use a white shadow or pencil to fill in just below the inner corners of the eye, as pictured above. Using eye shadow pencils will allow for better blending. Use a foam wedge or your finger to blend the edges out so they appear smoky and not harsh.

Apply a couple coats of Blackest Black mascara on the upper lashes and one light coat to the bottom lashes.

Apply a deep rose blush, using either powder or stick, depending on what you find and your preference, to cheeks. Stick more to the lower cheek bone and the hollow just below it. Blend this as well, using a foam wedge. Finish the face off with a dusting of translucent loose face powder and a large powder brush, be sure to tap off excess before applying to face. This will set the make-up, making it last longer into the night.

For the lips, you'll want a red shade with blue undertones to it, not a yellow based red. Blue based reds give the deeper, blood red look that you want. Find a lip pencil in as close to the same color as possible. Line the lips with pencil first, it will help hold lop color on the lips and prevent it from feathering into make-up. Fill in lips using the tube or a lip brush. Blot lips on a piece of tissue then apply another coat to set it.

Use the black liner pencil to add a beauty mark if you choose and there you go! Add a set of false nails, you can find press-on long black nails at this time of year or paint your own black. The Elvira make-up is now complete!

Elvira Costume
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Elvira Costume

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