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Elvira Costume

So many things about Elvira are unmistakable traits of the Mistress of the Dark. Her sexy gown, exotic makeup, devil-may-care attitude, and last but certainly not least, her big hair. A version of the beehive, this hairstyle was very popular during the sixties, and was applied named because it resembled a beehive.

Unfortunately, after searching and searching, we have not found any wig that looks "exactly" the same as Elvira's hair style. Many claim to be Elvira like, but few are anywhere near. Most of them have long black hair and the top is cut short with a few curls. This so not what her hair looks like!

The length is close to that of Elvira's, and unlike wigs claiming to be Elvira like, this one is full on the top. The top can be back combed or a lift can be added under the hair for added height. You can make your own lift by taking a knee-hi nylon and stuffing it with paper towel or tissue until you have a domed shaped half ball. You'll need a wig stand or a person wearing it to add this on. Lift and section off the hair on top of the wig. Secure the lift on the crown with hair pins and start securing the sections of hair over it with hair pins, making a beehive do' similar to the one pictured. You can also back comb the hair for extra lift. Make sure and use a generous amount of hair spray to hold it all together! Wig retails for about $19.95

Elvira Hair - Wig

Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume Dress The Wardrobe

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Elvira Makeup

The Makeup

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Elvira Wig

The Beehive Hair

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Elvira Persona and Attitude

The Elvira Attitude

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Elvira Costume

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