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Elvira Costume
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Elvira Costume

The "real" Elvira's gown was custom made for her body measurements and cost thousands of dollars! Fortunately, there are a few Halloween costumes available that look great and are reasonably priced. Below are our selections for the best Elvira style costumes available.

Elvira® Mistress of the Dark™ deluxe costume
Our first choice for the best Mistress of the Dark gown would have to be the deluxe officially licensed Elvira costume manufactured by Elusive Concepts. This form-fitting costume set includes Elvira's trademark black gown with plunging neckline, a zipper in the back and her signature belt with dagger. It is also machine washable.

This costume is available in three adult sizes: Small (Approximately 25" waist, and 15" across the back of the shoulders), Medium (Approximately 26" waist, and 16" across the back of the shoulders), and Large (Approximately 27/28" waist, and 16.5/17" across the back of the shoulders). Just add sheer black hose and black high-heel shoes. This costume set retails for under $40.00

Note - While there are many costumes on the market that claim to be Elvira or Mistress of the Dark costumes, most do not look like Elvira's dress at all and many are very poorly made.

The Elvira costume gown, her wig and other accessories are available at the www.costumekingdom.com.

Elvira Costume from other sources
Our second choice would be one of the Elvira costumes that can be found all over during Halloween season. While not exactly the same as Elvira's traditional gown, some of these costumes actually look passable. You want a long, black dress that has a plunging neckline and jagged edges around the sleeves and hemline. Also it should be split up the side for that extra sexy appearance. Most include a belt with a dagger.

They all come in small, medium and large sizes. Just add sheer  black hose and black high-heel shoes.


Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume Dress The Wardrobe

Our choices for the best Elvira costumes available for Halloween. You'll look so hot!

Elvira Makeup

The Makeup

Doing the right make-up job is as essential as the costume and we can help! Looking good!

Elvira Wig

The Beehive Hair

Skip the bad imitation bee-hive wigs and go for the real thing! We found one that works perfectly!

Elvira Persona and Attitude

The Elvira Attitude

You have the dress, you have the hair, you have the make-up but can you get with the attitude?
Elvira Costume

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