Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume
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Elvira Costume

One look at a gal wearing this get-up and you know who she is supposed to be! As one of the most popular costumes of all time, Elvira's dress, wig, makeup and accessories are a perfect choice for a sexy Halloween costume.

There are many choices in wigs and dresses out there at this time of year  that rank from bad imitations to the real thing. We'll help you put together your total Elvira look including the much needed attitude and you'll be the hit of any Halloween party this year!

Not just any tight black dress will do, oh no! You'll need to find just the right one! We'll show you examples of the official Elvira dress and one that will work equally as well.

The hard part is finding a wig that looks like the bee-hive hair-do of Elvira. There are many wigs out there that call themselves bee-hive wigs but really aren't. We have tracked down the perfect wig to go with the costume!

Make-up is essential to the costume as well and we'll show you what to do to get that sexy Elvira look as well. Make this year's Halloween costume your best ever with Elvira!

Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume Dress The Wardrobe

Our choices for the best Elvira costumes available for Halloween. You'll look so hot!

Elvira Makeup

The Makeup

Doing the right make-up job is as essential as the costume and we can help! Looking good!

Elvira Wig

The Beehive Hair

Skip the bad imitation bee-hive wigs and go for the real thing! We found one that works perfectly!

Elvira Persona and Attitude

The Elvira Attitude

You have the dress, you have the hair, you have the make-up but can you get with the attitude?
Elvira Costume

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